Floor Failure

A floor fails if it fails to meet presumptions. Inside the discipline of ergonomics a “System” consists of every one of the component sections, which feature a human factor.

A floor is a structure, 1/2 is the science that produces the material and 1/2 is the art of construction, as floor experts, we take a look at the structure for the reason behind a breakdown.

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Slip & Fall Floor Expert

ASTM C1028 is obvious: The existence of substances on a floor surface area has to be regarded, and recognized, while using the outcomes of a drag sled to offer a viewpoint on floor safety.

We have been prosperous in the uncovering of substances which exist on the floor components, formerly regarded as harmless. This will likely impact the results of a slip & fall lawsuit.

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Company Profile

Our institutional clientele consist of, Governmental Institutions, Education Institutions, Real State Managers, Healthcare Facility Managers, Hospital Developers and Retailers.

Our floor expert lawsuit clients are fifty-percent Plaintiff and fifty-percent Defendant.

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Looking for the true floor expert?

At Interior Specifications we take our jobs as floor covering consultations and floor forensics scientists very seriously. Our claim to the title of “floor experts” is what sets us apart from all other companies. An unbiased opinion is difficult to come by in today’s society which is why our team of honest, professional, courteous individuals is so rare. Whether you need advice on safety floor installations or slip and fall analysis, Interior Specifications is the company to call.